Boost Your Productivity With CanFocus

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Andrew Witchell (VP of operations) and CEO Paul Chipperton of CanFocus working at the DMZ. The CanFocus button is in front of Andrew's MacBook, lit up green to signal he's open to talking.

Andrew Witchell (VP of operations) and CEO Paul Chipperton of CanFocus working at the DMZ.

The average person is distracted every seven minutes by something physical or digital. It can take about 15 minutes to become refocused. The annual cost of interruptions per person? $10,000. It’s numbers like these that inspired the creation of CanFocus and its MyFocusPro platform, a three-part tool that controls and manages your interactions with other people in your work environment to maximize your own productivity and efficiency.

Part one is the button, or the human traffic light. Toggle the red light to signal that you’re busy, or the green light to signal you are available to chat. The button helps manage your physical distractions, so co-workers know when to approach you without interrupting your workflow.

The CanFocus button, toggled to red to signal the user is unavailable.

The button works in sync with the mobile app, part two of the platform. The app will change your online status to “busy” as soon as the red light on your button is activated. It will hold all incoming text messages and alerts until you toggle back to the green light. There’s also a status for “On the phone.”

The CanFocus mobile app as seen on a phone. The CanFocus button is seen in the back, lit up green.

The third part is the computer platform, where you can see the status of your co-workers in real time, anywhere in the world. When the red light is activated, the platform will hold all your emails, notifications, and messages so you can focus on the task at hand.

The CanFocus program as seen on a computer screen. Contact names show up as green for available or red for unavailable.

The CanFocus system is about manipulating your physical and digital workplace environment, but it’s also about changing the modern mindset surrounding productivity. It’s a collaborative approach that acknowledges that we all work and deliver in different ways.

“You can’t be on all the time. What we’re trying to do is offer people the option and offer companies the ability to empower their employees to be optimally productive when they are ready to be,” explains company CEO Paul Chipperton.

MyFocus is part of a suite of tools. There’s also MeetingFocus, a tool to measure and improve the effectiveness of workplace meetings, and ManagementFocus, which provides a comprehensive analysis of individual, team and corporate productivity and performance.

“We philosophically don’t think it is appropriate to try and shut down everything for everybody,” Paul says. “Instead of being draconian, why not empower people?”