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Moonrider is the developer of Art Jam™, a media advertising platform for creating interactive experiences utilizing graphics and high performance audio.

Formally launched in 2011, Moonrider is the developer of Art Jam™, a unique, interactive platform that transforms the way custom graphics (such as artwork and images) and audio content (such as music, voices and sound effects) are used to create interactive advertising experiences. Ad networks, digital agencies, brands, publishers and app developers use Art Jam to deliver mobile, PC, home entertainment and digital-out-of-home advertising experiences.

Market Need

Within the world of online advertising, display ads have been a centerpiece of the industry. With current click-through rates of display ads at a mere 0.1%, consumers doing all they can to ignore these ads, and with advertisers and publishers disappointed at the performance of their digital advertising spend/revenue, the status quo is not sustainable. The need for new ad formats that engage consumers in new, enjoyable ways is widely discussed but not yet a reality. Moonrider’s HTML5 and iOS ad creation platform enables fast and low cost production of new forms of engaging advertising that fully utilize the features of tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and other interactive devices.



Andy Richman

Founder & CEO

Andy is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Moonrider, the developer of Art Jam™, a platform for creating engaging interactive experiences utilizing graphics and high performance audio. Prior to co-founding Moonrider, he was a co-founder and Executive Director of Matrix Knowledge Group (UK), a provider of services and technology where he led their global expansion into new markets including the U.S. and Europe. In addition to his last role leading Matrix International (USA), Andy also served as co-president of College Measures, an education technology-focused joint venture between the American Institutes for Research and Matrix.

Since relocating to the U.S. in 2008, Andy also serves as an adjunct faculty at Carnegie Mellon University.


Jamie Alexander

Founder & CTO

Jamie is a recognized technology leader and product designer with over 30 years of software architecture, design and development experience, as well as extensive experience building and managing technology teams. Prior to co-founding Moonrider, Jamie worked at IBM for 13 years as a software designer, initially at the IBM Toronto Software Lab cutting his teeth on e-commerce systems during the first dotcom boom. Working later out of IBM’s Toronto Innovation Center, Jamie invented an innovative social learning system that he helped take to the market. After years tinkering on the side developing music visualization software, Jamie created and developed Moonrider’s Art Jam™ platform. Jamie’s passion is enabling people like him, with limited artistic talent, to leverage technology to exercise and share their creative passions.