A iPhone Game for Instagram Lovers

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If you’re an Instagram app fan, you’re going to love Instamatch – the latest iPhone and iPad app from Ryerson Digital Media Zone startup Tiny Hearts.

A digital twist on the classic card game Memory, the aim of Instamatch is to match similar photos from the popular iPhone app Instagram.

Matches are made between photos of the same object, from themes such as Cities, Animals, Nature, World Wonders, and Food.

Users can play with their own Instagram photos, or any of the 500 million plus photos taken by other Instagrammers. The app gives users an opportunity to discover new Instagram photos, which they can “Like” by double tapping the image.

The game can be played solo or with another player. The app is integrated with Apple’s Game Center, so players can keep track of their standings on the leaderboard. Those wanting an extra challenge can play in Hard Mode where the photos move around, making matching more difficult.

Tiny Hearts is an award-winning app studio based in Toronto. The company’s iPhone app Pocket Zoo is a top-selling Education app in the Apple Store and has been featured in The New York Times and Wired magazine.

In celebration of its launch, Instamatch is currently only 99 cents in the Apple store. Click here to learn more and to download.

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