Become one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Applicants interested in our Accelerator must have:

  • A startup dedicated to solving a compelling problem using innovative technology
  • At least one FTE dedicated to sales and revenue development
  • A driven, coachable and collaborative leadership team
  • A full-time CTO or in-house technical lead
  • A minimum of $20K in monthly revenue through an existing customer network
  • Be in market and demonstrate steady revenue for at least four consecutive months
  • An established product-market fit and at least one client that we can verify
  • Able to relocate to the DMZ’s Toronto office for the duration of the program

Don't fit in our Accelerator?

The application process

The DMZ has a highly competitive admission process. Only 7.4 per cent of applicants are admitted into our programs.

We welcome only the most innovative, high-potential companies that can benefit from our resources and extended network. As a rule, we strive to foster a collaborative space and build a highly engaged community that represents a rich variety of sectors and industries.

1. Startups apply online using the DMZ Application Form

If you have any questions about the application process, you can email us at

2. Applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will be contacted by a member of the Programs team to schedule a follow up meeting

We'll contact you to review your business and decide whether you're ready and/or applicable to pitch. How long this takes is dependent on where you are with your business. We sometimes ask that you finesse your application and provide you with the resources to help.

3. Selected startups will be invited to pitch to DMZ’s Programs team followed by due diligence

Pitch sessions happen at least once a month. You'll be notified within two weeks if you're accepted.


Applications for the DMZ’s growth accelerator are available only three times a year. We’ll invite only the most-promising teams to apply, participate in interviews and then ultimately join our growing ecosystem. Once accepted, you and your team will spend four months building a dedicated sales team and scaling your business.

You can expect a response within 3-4 weeks.

Don’t fit into our accelerator?

Whether you’re looking to achieve product-market ft, refine your idea, raise funds or prove your concept in market, we’re here to help. Check out our pre-accelerator and ideation streams that will help you grow your startup and prepare for the DMZ’s growth accelerator.


Have a product in market, but not quite ready to scale?

Join the DMZ’s pre-accelerator program where you’ll get access to leading mentors and dedicated product development support to grow your startup.


Have an innovative idea, but need the resources and mentorship to make it a reality?

Join the DMZ’s Sandbox incubator where you’ll get access to dedicated ideation and creation programs designed to help you build the foundation for a competitive tech business.

Startup Visa Program

Supporting high-potential immigrant entrepreneurs

We're proud to be a Startup Visa Program designated organization. Want to immigrate to Canada and build an innovative business that can compete on the global scale? Applicants must meet the Startup Visa Program criteria and DMZ eligibility criteria. Interested? Shoot us an email!

Have questions? We have answers.

Started as a Startup

It's knowing that every household name who changed the game, started as a startup.

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