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CanHack: Why young innovators should consider a future in cybersecurity

Initiatives like CanHack, a partnership between DMZ and RBC, will get more youth involved in cybersecurity while addressing the digital skills gap.

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Tackling the cybersecurity gender gap: Empowering women to lead the way in tech

Hear from RBC leader, May Sarout, on how we can close the gender gap and encourage more young women to get involved in cybersecurity.

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How digital badging gives young professionals a competitive edge

Jumpstarting students’ career paths in cybersecurity with CanHack digital badges.

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Careers in Cyber

CanHack got you curious about cybersecurity?
Check out the career resources below to kickstart your career!

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Cyber Security Programs


Cyber Videos

Cyber Career Exploration

Looking to see where a career in cybersecurity can take you? Check out this tool to learn more about the possibilities.

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