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Take your progam to the next level with expert advice from the DMZ


Bigger and bolder than any program of its kind, the DMZ offers consulting and knowledge transfer services for ambitious accelerators and incubators

As an exclusive consulting partner for UBI Global, we help accelerators and incubators develop, implement and grow their programs. Together, let’s help more startups grow into world-class companies.

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Program services

We offer phased and holistic incubator development and implementation solutions based on your needs.



We can help you:

  • Develop a strong value proposition to appeal to the right stakeholders
  • Create a method and structure for establishing partnerships
  • Outline a curricular and co-curricular strategy
  • Develop a physical infrastructure design
  • Create legal agreements and contracts and secure IP and insurance
  • Set up mentorship and programming methodologies
  • Create program processes and procedures



We can help you:

  • Develop financial models and costing methods
  • Identify metrics, tracking and reporting processes
  • Set up information systems
  • Attract members and establish a positive workplace culture
  • Take actions to promote equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Develop marketing and communications strategy
  • Create operations processes and procedures



We can provide your participants with:

  • Continuous virtual mentorship
  • Access to exclusive startup discounts and perks
  • Access to virtual workshops
  • Access to DMZ programming in Toronto
  • Access to a global softlanding network
  • Learning measurement on an individual level

Why choose the DMZ

We know a thing or two about running an award-winning accelerator and incubator program.

  • #1 in the world.

    The DMZ is ranked the #1 university-based tech accelerator in the world by UBI Global.

  • 10 years of experience.

    Since 2010, the DMZ has been offering a high-impact tech incubator program for some of the world’s most ambitious and successful founders.

  • Hundreds of startups incubated.

    To date, the DMZ has helped more than 400 startups raise $740+ million in capital and create 4,000+ jobs.

  • Globally recognized.

    With its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the DMZ has offices in New York City and 70+ partnerships around the world.

Be our next success story

Our select case studies

Mumbai, India

Mumbai Stock Exchange

Opportunity: Founded in 2013, The Mumbai Stock Exchange has supported over 300 local startups through their accelerator program called Zone Startups India. The program was looking for help fast-tracking their startups’ success and connecting globally with mentors, customers and investors.
Solution: To support this opportunity, the DMZ worked collaboratively with the Mumbai Stock Exchange to provide program development support, operations support and participant support.
Outcome: As a result of the work, the DMZ facilitated dozens of soft landings for Indian startups into the Canadian market.

Baku, Azerbaijan

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic SOCAR

Opportunity: The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) was looking for an evaluation of its entrepreneurship ecosystem and for programming recommendations.
Solution: To support this opportunity, the DMZ worked with SOCAR and management consulting firm McKinsey & Company to conduct a full assessment of entrepreneurship resources for Azerbaijani startups and advise SOCAR on a partnership model to support their internal innovation agenda.
Outcome: By interviewing and evaluating activities of the Azerbaijani government, private equity and entrepreneurs, the DMZ recommended the development of a program that partners with the existing resources for entrepreneurs to elevate the Azerbaijani ecosystem as a leader within the Caspian Sea region.

Kingston, Jamaica

The University of Technology (UTech)

Opportunity: The University of Technology (UTECH) in Jamaica came to the DMZ to seek support in developing their programming to help them stand out from the emerging competition in Jamaica’s tech ecosystem.
Solution: The DMZ worked with UTECH to develop the programming capabilities of their incubator. Through a series of extended video conference calls, priority areas were identified to address their value proposition, program structure, recruitment strategy, corporate partnerships and equity diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Outcome: The DMZ designed and executed a 2-day program based on research and analysis conducted. This was followed-up with bi-weekly calls to address relevant issues with staff. Finally, the DMZ hosted two startups from Kingston in Toronto to support the program shift.

Amman, Jordan

Foreign Affairs Canada & Local NGO, INJAZ

Opportunity: The DMZ was approached to assist in the development and delivery of gender-sensitive entrepreneurship curriculum and initiatives at Jordanian universities and schools. The goal was to assist INJAZ in developing the incubator’s capacity to accelerate growth for 30 women-led startups during the course of this project.
Solution: Contracted by the Canadian government to assist INJAZ, the DMZ shared their technical expertise on various topics, including sales and marketing for startups, investor relations, team building, evaluation criteria, onboarding procedures, mentorship and much more. The DMZ also hosted delegations of representatives from Jordan in Toronto to deliver the knowledge transfer.
Outcome: Working together, the DMZ helped to design and build a program to support women-led startups. This included implementation support for 2 cohorts of 30 women per year. The DMZ also provided program development and operations support, as well as a train-the-trainer program. Finally, the DMZ hosted program staff in Toronto for an intensive training and shadowing exercise.

Niagara Falls, Canada

City of Niagara Falls & Canadian Federal Development Fund

Opportunity: Rural Ontario is composed predominantly of aging populations, and many young workers are moving to big cities like Toronto to find jobs or build their own businesses. The City of Niagara Falls and the Canadian Federal Development Fund wanted to address this challenge by improving local opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, ultimately increasing the retention of youth.
Solution: To provide a solution, the DMZ engaged with the City of Niagara Falls with the goal of supporting rural entrepreneurs. The work is underway and involves developing, operating and connecting Toronto-based DMZ programming to Niagara Falls.
Outcome: The program launched in late 2019 and is on track to support 25 startups and create at least 75 jobs per year.

What others say


“The DMZ helped us develop a program that stands out from the crowd in this highly competitive space. The results were immediate.”
- Nigel Cooper, Head of School, JDSEEL/ TIC, University of Technology, Jamaica

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“The expertise the DMZ brought to the table was next to none. We shaved years off our growth trajectory by working with the DMZ.”
- Razan Kayyali, LEAP Project Manager, INJAZ, Jordan

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“The DMZ is a truly collaborative partner. They bring fresh ideas to the table, while also taking time to understand our local context.”
- Serge Felicetti, Director of Business Development, City of Niagara Falls, Canada

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