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Papercurve is an affordable cloud based review tool built for fast-growing life sciences companies.

Software Engineer Apply

Job description

At Papercurve, you’ll be working on our flagship product. The Papercurve platform targets companies in the life sciences industry such as pharmaceutical companies as well as companies in the cannabis industry.

Our Technology
The core product’s backend is written in Ruby on Rails (API mode) with React for the frontend (Create React App).

We utilize Amazon’s suite of web services (AWS), S3/EC2/RDS with a move towards ECS. Our database of choice is Postgres and we use Redis for job queueing.

GitLab is our repository host of choice and we will be moving to CI/CD to further elevate our development workflow.

Getting Started at Papercurve
Being behind our mission and what we’re trying to accomplish is key to getting started here at Papercurve. Learning our tech stack and how features are user tested, planned, and executed will be an essential goal for the beginnings of your journey.

Tickets will be available, solving bugs and releasing them to production will provide an opportunity to really understand our technology.

Essential milestone
Being comfortable with our stack and shifting gears to support bugs that come in from our clients and Papercurve staff. You’ll start to contribute to new and ongoing features working closely with the product and tech teams.

You will have the freedom to start pitching in higher level architectural decisions and will be responsible for assisting in the performance tracking, metrics monitoring, and stability of our platform.


Experience with React
Experience with Ruby on Rails
Experience with SQL
Bonus: Experience with AWS

What you’ll get from us
At Papercurve, you’ll find an empowering environment where people are inspired to do great work, learning and developing quickly as professionals as they create a new product to help new and thriving industries.

Our engineers work remotely with flexibility in schedules. As a Papercurve engineer, we prioritize your development over everything else. If there are areas you wish to focus on, we’ll ensure we cater a specific path to do just that. Want more backend challenges than frontend work (or vice versa?), we will try our hardest to accommodate!

Interested in something new? Please join our team!

Required skills

React, Ruby on Rails, SQL, AWS

Desired skills


Job Type: Co-Op/Internship Apply until: April 30, 2021


Sales engineer Apply

Job description

Don’t let the job title scare you, anyone with a previous technology sales experience is welcomed. • You receive a base salary & 20% of task transactions each acquired user generates for the first 3months. Assuming you sign up 100 users, you receive 20% of all task transactions for the first 90 days. • You will sell virtually & in person to self generated leads with a set monthly quota • You are free to set your own schedule as pavleu pays based on results generated, not on hours worked, although this is all set within a certain timeline.

Required skills

•Be resourceful & happy •Has had (or is willing to have a) technical sales experience •Familiar or willing to learn about pavleu

Desired skills

• Great communication & creativity

Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: April 22, 2021


Senior Full-Stack Developer Apply

Job description

Who We Are

Micruity is a 3-year-old Insurtech startup formed to empower employers to add pension-like insurance products to their retirement plan. We do this by standardizing and automating the transaction between a life insurance company and a benefits administration system.

Based in Toronto (Ontario) and San Mateo (California), we are looking for outstanding software development talent to help build exciting new insurance products that actually help people – by alleviating the stress associated with retirement planning and financing. We are singularly focused on leading innovation in this space and building brand new capabilities.

Currently a company of seven, we value ownership, independence, collaboration, and communication… with a bias towards getting things done with measurable results. Micruity’s technology team currently consists of the CTO/Architect, Senior DevSecOps, and Senior Full-Stack Developer – supplemented by Product Analysts.

About The Role

This role is for an experienced software developer who loves creating new applications, tackling convoluted problems, and coming up with clean, stable, robust, highly available, ultra-secure solutions that scale.

The ideal candidate would be someone who has a genuine passion for designing and implementing elegant software solutions. They would also be intimately familiar (and up to date) with their development ecosystem – making sound decisions when it comes to choosing the right tool or library for the job.

We expect our senior developers to suggest refinements to the technical stack, be able to contribute across the entire product line, as well as collectively oversee the integrity of the codebase.

Our Technical Stack

• AWS Serverless Application Model & Orchestration
• AWS DevSecOps (CodeCommit, CloudFormation, SecretsManager)
• AWS application infrastructure (S3, Step Functions, Lambdas, EventBridge, API Gateway, Route 53, IAM, and others)
• AWS DynamoDB NoSQL, RDS PostgreSQL
• JavaScript on NodeJS (with Express)
• AWS Amplify, React
• Sequelize ORM
• REST + Socket.IO, GraphQL
• Day to day, we use the usual: Slack, JIRA, Confluence, GitHub, MS Office, etc.

Required Qualifications and Skills

• A few years of experience as a professional software developer at the senior level.
• Strong software development fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, etc.).
• Great familiarity with modern JavaScript (ES6) and intimate knowledge of the JS ecosystem (tooling, libraries, etc.).
• Expert level familiarity with one or more front-end frameworks.
• Knowledge of good practices and design patterns; writing idiomatic JavaScript code.
• Deep understanding of performance implications and scalability of code.
• Experience with large, complex code bases and know how to maintain them.

Good to Have

• B.Sc. degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
• Experience with the AWS ecosystem of products.
• Experience with frameworks compatible with Express (Feathers, Sails, Nest, etc.) and API Proxies for access control and provisioning (Terraform, MuleSoft, DreamFactory, etc.).
• Experience leveraging logging + analytics – for our common good (Logstash, Kibana).
• Keenness for writing good, meaningful tests and maintaining thorough test coverage.
• Background in FinTech or Insurtech (Insurance, Finance, Financial Services, etc.).
• Strong math abilities – everyone here is kind of geeky that way.


• Collaboratively work with product managers, engineers, data scientists, and designers to set overall development strategy and deliver high quality software.
• Be the gatekeeper of the codebase and ensure that it stays stable, readable, and free of technical debt, while building & improving code across the entire stack.
• Occasionally assist with recruitment, interviewing, and hiring new team members.
• Provide mentorship to junior team members, participate in design decisions and collaborate in technical reviews.
• Help the business by participating in occasional sales engineering (possible travel).
• You’re an early hire – help define our engineering culture and build our “dev machine”.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Required skills


Desired skills


Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: May 1, 2021

Hop In

Hop In provides logistics software services to offer customized corporate shuttle solutions for the daily commute.

Full-Stack Software Engineer Apply

Job description

Hop In is a transportation logistics software company based out of Markham, ON. We work in areas outside of metropolitan cores to help companies improve workplace accessibility. We operate shuttle services to provide tailored transportation for the daily commute.
Hop In; Moving People.

Hop In is looking for a motivated and organized candidate to join our engineering team.
We are looking for someone who is keen on learning about building a startup from an early stage and interested in applying enterprise software engineering techniques to the mobility industry.

​As part of our engineering team, you will be building mobile and web applications that will help improve our clients’ experience with the service.

Required skills

NodeJS, React, familiarity with SQL/noSQL database technologies (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB)

Desired skills

Familiarity with the AWS platform

Job Type: Part Time Co-Op/Internship Apply until: May 16, 2021

The Rumie Initiative

A non-profit that makes access to free digital education possible for underserved communities worldwide.

Marketing Manager Apply

Job description

Our ideal candidate brings an extremely high level of creativity, passion, and leadership to the role.
You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and lead the planning, development, and execution of Rumie’s marketing and brand initiatives. You’re comfortable moving between the tactical world of growth marketing and the strategic mindset of brand development.

The challenge
We’ve got some great technology, content, and some existing partner relationships to get you started. But we need you to help take things to the next level and grow our learner reach from 50K to 5M. In this role, your challenge will be:
– Identifying and executing strategies to drive sustainable user growth
– Developing and implementing learner and partner-centric marketing plans focused on driving awareness, acquisition, and retention
– Oversee all of Rumie’s communication channels to ensure brand and messaging cohesion
– Collecting and assessing data to validate and iterate strategies

Required skills

– 3+ years of relevant work experience with digital marketing, product marketing, event marketing, and/or growth marketing
– Creative and business-minded; knows how to talk to both sides of the table
– Experience working across multiple facets of communications and marketing
– Ambitious self-starter with demonstrated ability and willingness to roll up their sleeves and execute to get the job done
– Strong communication skills with an ability to write, network, and communicate in a friendly and clear manner
– A commitment to Rumie’s mission and enthusiasm to maximize Rumie’s social impact

Desired skills

– Experience working in a startup environment
– Led the marketing activities for a growth stage company or SBU

Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: April 17, 2021


Lead Cloud Engineer Apply

Job description

Ratio.City is seeking candidates to lead our cloud and services integration efforts. We are looking for inventive engineers/architects who can develop scalable solutions using AWS and other API service providers.

We understand that the cloud is a new and rapidly evolving space and we don’t have unrealistic expectations like “10 years of experience in a production environment”. What we value is a drive to build things that are robust and well instrumented. The ideal candidate is a person with a systems engineering (or similar) background and relevant experience integrating diverse cloud based services. Certification from AWS is a bonus but not a requirement.

The successful candidate will work with a diverse team of developers and the CTO to develop and implement Ratio.City’s cloud strategy. Like many growing startups, our cloud strategy is based on a mix of our own resources and services (hosted on AWS) which are combined with other providers’ services such as authentication and CRM. Familiarity with concepts such as network topologies, secure communication protocols, data storage strategies, and infrastructure as code are necessary for the role. You will be well supported by the existing team in familiarizing yourself with existing deployment patterns, and you will be supported by the CTO as you begin experimenting with and evolving Ratio.City’s cloud strategy.


Gain a clear understanding of Ratio.City’s commercial and technical goals
Develop and document cloud strategies and architectures that advance company goals
Implement robust and scalable solutions for Ratio.City services on AWS
Integrate various services such as payments and CI/CD into Ratio.City’s platform
Ensure cloud services are instrumented and monitored for performance, cost, and reliability purposes
Ongoing evaluation of in-place solutions to ensure optimization of cost and performance

Required skills

Production experience with AWS (and at least some of the AWS products Ratio.City uses) and Docker are required for this role.

Desired skills

Below is a representative list of the components of our tech stack. The successful candidate will be expected to gain familiarity with how Ratio.City leverages each of these technologies in order to review and advance our cloud strategy. Any pre-existing knowledge of them is an asset, but not a requirement.

AWS (Aurora, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, Cloudfront, EC2, ACM, VPC, S3)
Python & Django REST Framework
Typescript & Angular/Material Design

Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: April 20, 2021


Sales Development Representative Apply

Job description

The primary role of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) is to rapidly scale the growth of our business. This key role involves refining the existing sales process and growing our revenue to $3M.

Responsibilities include the following, but may be adjusted over time based on business needs: Clearly articulating the value proposition of our product to potential customers Identifying, reaching out to and scheduling product demos with key decision-makers and users Managing the sales process and finalizing new accounts Building and nurturing relationships with our prospective customers to understand their pain points and integrating their feedback into our product roadmap Expanding our user base beyond current geographies and use cases Tracking relevant CRE industry news as well as representing Ratio.City at industry and networking events.



Candidates must have demonstrated work experience in analyzing sales situations and the ability to demonstrate relationship building, account development, and selling skills. Must be self-sufficient and bring a positive attitude, creativity, and high energy to the role.We welcome and encourage you to apply if you believe you’d be a good fit for this role. Able to work in a fun and fast-paced environment with competing priorities Minimum of 3 years in a startup, growing revenue from $0 to $3M, or relevant experience and proven success in building and fostering relationships and driving results in an early stage organization. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills As a start up, we value hustle and grit, and require you to have a “super power” to actively listen and synthesize information Excellent organizational, planning, problem solving, quantitative, and project management skills Knowledge of urban planning, residential development, or technology industries is an asset
Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: April 25, 2021

Lead Digital Product Designer Apply

Job description

The goal of our cloud-based SaaS platform is to help city builders easily access the information they need and gain actionable insights from complex urban data. Our map-based interface allows our customers to access and visualize all kinds of urban data, search for parcels based on chosen criteria, and instantly develop 3D models to evaluate development potential and run a wide range of analyses.
As our user base and data catalog continue to grow and we expand into more geographies, our Lead Digital Product Designer’s role will be to define user interfaces that allow our customers to parse and navigate information easily as well as communicate it to stakeholders in an effective and intuitive way. If you’re up to the challenge of creating delightful user experiences while taking complex data and making it accessible, then this is the role for you!
As Lead Digital Product Designer, your primary responsibility is to curate the full design process for additions to our web platform from initial explorations, evaluation of use cases and UX alternatives through wireframing, prototyping, and developer handoff. You’ll be working closely with our product leadership throughout the development process, become familiar with our workflow, brand guidelines, and design system, and in time contribute to their further development.
The successful candidate will work closely with our Director of Products to develop new features and user experiences as well entirely new product categories such as mobile-first applications. You will be responsible for translating insights from user stories and market research into intuitive user experiences and production-ready designs for our user interfaces. You will be well supported as you learn about your new team and how our technology works. As you become comfortable with the team and your own objectives, you will make deliberate design decisions and work on the full cycle of feature design.


– Collaborating closely with our product leadership to conceptualize, scope, and estimate design tasks throughout all development phases
– Developing and iterating on designs for existing or new app features: participating in research sessions and/or analyzing research results, evaluating user flows and UX strategies, and developing prototypes throughout all design process phases, from lo-fi wireframes to hi-fi interactive mockups
– Iterating over design proposals in collaboration with developers and other members of the Technical Team based on technical requirements/constraints
– Providing annotated design documents for handoff to developers
– Presenting and defending your design decisions during reviews with the team
– Contributing to app testing, during feature development or after deployment, to ensure functionality and visuals are consistent with design documents
– Contributing to further development of Ratio.City Brand Guidelines and Design System
– Contributing to the definition and documentation of design process/best practices
– Defining and tracking your tasks in our issue tracking system Atlassian Jira

Required skills

Our ideal candidate is someone who has honed their craft as part of a larger team and is eager to take on a role with more autonomy and responsibility. We are looking for intelligent, inventive, and compassionate colleagues who are motivated to learn and improve. We welcome and encourage you to apply if you believe you’d be a good fit for this role.
– Able to work in a fast-paced startup environment with competing priorities
– Excellent teamwork and communication skills with a willingness to learn
– 3-5 years of professional experience in Digital Product Design, UI or UX Design
– Strong portfolio of professional projects to be presented during interviews
– Degree in Design or related field
– Strong English language verbal and written communication skills
– Experience in working with user stories, user flows, wireframes, and hi-fi prototypes
– Experience with design/prototyping tools such as Figma, Adobe Suite
– Genuine interest in visual design and product development
– Strong understanding of design principles
– Living in or able to commute to Toronto

Desired skills

– Experience with mobile application design
– Experience working with agile development processes
– Experience in user research
– Experience or interest in data visualization
– Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other coding languages

Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: April 23, 2021

Datanaya Inc.


Job description

This is a very unique role where you will be working cross-functionally to understand each department’s needs to drive success and you will be working closely with the founder to understand the business forecast to strategize for the future. We are looking for someone who has huge ambition and a huge heart to be a part of a team of dedicated and talented individuals, but someone who also holds the confidence to do bigger and better things. For this role you must be extremely organized, understand the importance of confidential information and understand naturing relationships through written and verbal communication.

This is an incredible learning opportunity, so if this sounds like you and have relevant experience, we want you to apply! You will receive 2 weeks’ vacation, benefits package (after 3 months probation) and rapid growth. Now, let’s dive into who we are. Datanaya was found to connect devices, systems and people through data optimization and telematics solving challenges experienced by companies in their system developments and new business ventures. We focus on catering to the need of enterprises to solve real-time challenges. Our solutions help customers with their digital transformation journey.


Plan benefits administrator, set up biweekly payroll, full-cycle hiring, onboarding and offboarding management, maintain employee files with up-to-date information, Microsoft Partner administrator and management (Azure, SharePoint, etc), general operations support with subscription, vendor and inventory management, tracking and achieving account payable and accounts receivable, manage and track internal project start up and close processes, maintain client and vendor files with up-to-date information, calendar management, coordinating meetings and sending out meeting minute notes, send out appointment reminders & email follow-ups, ad hoc jobs as required.

Required skills

Excellent written and oral communication, knowledge in the Microsoft Office Suite, extremely organized and the ability to prioritize and multitask, excellent attention to detail, timely, approachable and trusted individual, ability to build strong relationships with employees, c-suites, contractors and company partners, ability to adapt quickly and easily to change.

Desired skills

Experience in a start-up/fast-paced setting, experience with technical hiring, experience with SharePoint.

Job Type: Full Time Paid Apply until: May 1, 2021

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