Founder X

Entrepreneurship is on the rise.
With the traditional job market being oversaturated and the startup job sector being fairly undiscovered, how can our youth become involved in this growing industry?

This is where Founder X comes in.

Every year, DMZ brings together top CEOs and founders that focus on disruptive technology from across the province. In its third year of operation, Founder X is a national program that is designed to uncover promising future leaders in the world of entrepreneurship and STEAM. Students have the opportunity to learn about business, leadership skills and emerging technologies from CEOs of major companies.

How it works

Through a rigorous selection process and a leadership evaluation, 20 students are selected to join a group interview where their professional and personal aspirations are discussed. Following the interview, 4 students are chosen to shadow esteemed Canadian CEOs during a typical day to gain hands-on mentorship and access to a broad network.

How would a shadow day look like?

  • Students will join the CEO in the morning for a coffee to learn from their past experiences.
  • Following their meeting with the CEO, students will rotate between different departments to get an understanding of how the company operates.
  • Students will enjoy a lunch with company employees and get the opportunity to learn about their experience in a technology field.
  • Students will continue the day with the CEO and attend their meetings to see how day-today decisions are made.
  • At the end of the day, students will end up leaving with valuable connections and possibly a new mentor.

Following the shadow day, participating students will get an exclusive opportunity to join a private lunch and learn with Sabrina Geremia, Country Director of Google Canada, at the Google headquarters in Toronto.

Why get involved

Learn about disruptive tech

In close quarters with companies, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to the latest emerging technologies.

Startup ecosystem

Gain an understanding of the ins and outs of how organizations operate and what is required to successfully scale a business idea, all while touring innovative offices.

Access a broad network

Leverage our wide range of network to possibly gain a new and personal mentors and have the opportunity to join a private lunch with the Country Director of Google Canada.

Executive profile

Sabrina Geremia

Country Director, Google Canada

Founder profiles

Anna Hu

CEO & Co-Founder of Brizi

Anthony Di Iorio

Founder & CEO of Decentral Inc

Kumar Erramilli

Chief Technology Officer at ACTO Technologies, Inc.

Michael Gord

CEO of MLG Blockchain

Program timeline

February 19, 2019: Applications open.
March 8, 2019: Applications closed and reviewed.
March 11 & 12, 2019: Group interviews are conducted.
March 13, 2019: Final acceptances are sent out.
March 20 - April 9, 2019: Shadow days take place.
April 10, 2019: Lunch with Sabrina Geremia.

Ready to learn from the best?

Students must submit an online application with a resume. The hiring committee will be looking for the most determined student leaders that exemplify the essence of entrepreneurship.

Past partners

DMZ team

Haseeb Khawaja

Programs Lead, Sandbox

Natasha Campagna

Director, Sandbox
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