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Haseeb Khawaja

Haseeb Khawaja

Staff Member
Digital Marketing and Communications Lead

About Haseeb Khawaja

As the Digital Marketing and Communications Lead, Haseeb is responsible for the creation and execution of DMZ’s entrepreneurial and community programs. He has also led programs helping Canada’s most promising youth entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality since joining the DMZ in 2017.

Since Basecamp’s inception, the youth accelerator program has helped scale 150+ companies that have raised over $300,000. Under his leadership, Haseeb helped scale over 50 Basecamp companies and expanded the program internationally, recruiting and working with students from India and Kenya. He also launched the first national cyber security competition stream for high school students.

As a passionate advocate for social empowerment, Haseeb is profoundly aware of the essential role that meticulous design and execution play in communities. Haseeb has worked on multiple development projects that focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability locally and internationally. Most recently, he travelled to Quito, Ecuador for a cultural immersion initiative in partnership with the International Volunteering Headquarters (IVHQ).

Get to know Haseeb Khawaja

Your first memory of the DMZ?
Walking in with a full suit on and everyone is in company branded hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

Favourite show?
The Office

Favourite cereal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Favourite pizza topping?
Pineapples. Yes they belong on pizzas.

Best advice you’ve been given?
"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!" - Dr. Seuss