Our services turn potential into growth.

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Access to customers, coaching, capital and community.

Being a startup at the DMZ means having access to a tailored suite of services, from legal help to a network of best-in-class mentors - in a dynamic and vibrant community.


Build revenue growth and a real sales culture.

Customer acquisition is key for any new startup looking to grow and scale. The DMZ’s revenue growth and sale excellence programs help you establish and expand consistent client revenue to take your company to the next stage.
We help our startups…
Build a structured, repeatable and scalable sales process.

Our seasoned business experts work with high-potential startups in an embedded environment to help them add world-class client execution to their sales strategy.

Identify essential metrics for success and close sales.

We help you formulate clear short- and long-term objectives and provide tactics on everything from pipeline development to building a sales pitch to customer success.

Get in front of target customers.

We use our extensive local and international network to provide startups with curated, targeted and direct connections to their ideal customers and key strategic partners.

Access new markets.

Our soft landing pads across the world allow DMZ startups the chance to explore new national and international markets.

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Best-in-class subject matter experts

The DMZ’s unique roster of hands-on experts and advisors span across a variety of relevant sectors. They've been in your shoes. They're experienced entrepreneurs, well connected in the industry and ready to help you learn, test, connect, de-risk, adapt and solve.
Our EIRs hail from these great companies
We help our startups…
Learn from leading experts.

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence meet with startups one-on-one to help with strategy, revenue growth, pitch coaching, marketing, pipeline and sales process, design, product positioning and to help you stay accountable.

Connect with the right people.

Our vast network of experts -- from mentors to partners to Advisory Council members -- are here to open the right doors.

Access the legal and financial advice you need most.

Partners from Goodmans LLP, our Legal Counsel-in-Residence, are here every week to provide high-quality legal advice to startups, including drafting contracts, IP, non-disclosures and more. Our Financial Executive-in-Residence is on-hand to help you manage your company's financials.

Meet our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

April Dunford

CEO, Sprintly

Dave Chalmers

Growth Expert

Jim Gray

Communications Coach

Kareem Arafat

Senior Tech Executive

Maggie Fox

Digital Transformation Leader

Mark Halpren

Founder, FirstCFO Inc.

Michelle Caers

CEO, DesignedUX

Mike Orloff

Sales expert

Rajen Sanghvi

Founder, SalesTraction.io


Investors at your fingertips

Put our established relationships with VCs to work for your company. Our network of leading, active early-stage investors and fundraising support help you move your business to the next level.
We help our startups…
Learn how to pitch to investors.

Our pitch coaches work one-on-one with your startup to help you pitch effectively for funding.

Meet one-on-one with VCs.

Our "VC in the DMZ" program connects your startup to our unique roster of VCs in the DMZ every month. Find out what metrics they care about, what type of companies they invest in or what they use to evaluate a company like yours in a curated, one-on-one meeting.

Learn from workshops on investing.

Our monthly Investor Series workshops are exclusive and interactive sessions led by top investors on relevant investment topics including metrics, funding strategies, raising and more.

Determine your eligibility for grants.

Our team of in-house advisors provides advice and support on how to access and apply for government funding.

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The power of like-minded people

The DMZ is vibrant, busy and dynamic. Our unique community is home to entrepreneurs and innovators of all ages from across Toronto, Canada and the world. Overlooking the heart of downtown Toronto, we're a hub of innovation and collaboration.
We help our startups…
Take part in regular community events.

The DMZ hosts social events and educational workshops on a near weekly basis. From TechTalks to peer-to-peer workshops to community lunches, startups at the DMZ have the opportunity to connect with and grow alongside some of Toronto's leading startups, businesses and leaders - with free coffee 24 hours a day!

Join a community of innovators.

Our community comes from far and wide. They're a group of diverse innovators and mentors who foster a sense of belonging, respect, and support, helping startups achieve their best and go from local to global.

Get to the right conferences.

We provide our startups with first-in-line opportunities to attend, exhibit and speak at leading conferences and events to build your brand, acquire new talent or tap into investment opportunities.

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