Elevator Pitch

Peekapak radically improves learning outcomes in early childhood by creating innovative educational content that enables teachers and parents to work as partners in a child’s education.

Peekapak is a digital language arts-based character education program, fully equipped with stories and lessons that help teach important character education skills and concepts, like perseverance, gratitude, kindness, empathy. Peekapak uniquely provides classroom lessons that teachers use and activities that are sent to parents, for them to do with their children at home. Teachers can easily incorporate Peekapak into their class schedules. The 20-minute sessions are designed to fit into a teacher’s classroom routine, and with the click of a button, teachers can send updates, discussion questions, and digital storybooks to parents to reinforce lessons at home. Peekapak tracks the student’s progress both at home and at school and provides a complete view of a child’s development.

Team Ami Shah