Rumie is a non-profit that uses innovative technology to provide underserved communities around the world with access to the latest and best learning content available online.

Elevator Pitch

A non-profit that makes access to free digital education possible for underserved communities worldwide.

The Rumie Initiative is a non-profit tech startup with a mission to bring a surge of free learning content online to communities least likely to access it but with the most to gain. Rumie engages volunteers to organize the best free digital learning resources on The LearnCloud, a website and online repository of free learning content. Rumie then delivers relevant libraries of this content to children around the world on low-cost tablets. NGO partners use the LearnCloud to choose the content for their tablets, which they distribute in their educational programs.

Tablets cost less than the average textbook and hold content that would traditionally cost over $5,000 to deliver. Rumie aims to bring this wealth of free information to underserved children in an affordable way. For the cost of an average textbook, Rumie provides a full library of learning resources to children and teachers around the world that works fully offline and tracks student progress with analytic data.

Rumie views technology as a means to deliver great learning resources, not as an end in itself, and always works with local partners to ensure that all resources delivered are locally relevant. Rumie’s model is based on three market trends: The explosion of free digital educational resources available online, the increased availability of low-cost Android tablets as a delivery mechanism, and the newfound ability to use crowdsourcing to curate, translate and moderate all of this content

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