#paid connects startups, brands and consumer-facing businesses with influential Twitter and Instagram users who share a product with millions of their engaged followers.

Elevator Pitch

There are those, known as influencers, empowering themselves to do what they love for a living through #paid. They’re the content Kings and Queens. The unique voices. The childhood heroes. The new age creative artists. The ones who allow the entire world to experience their art and storytelling on a daily basis. How are we different? Why are we doing this? Because there’s a palpable difference between selling out and souling out and we live that difference every single day.

#paid enables authentic and engaging product placement through social influencers who are famous on the Internet. The platform allows brands and startups to gain customers through organic celebrity recommendations while getting celebrities paid to do what they love: share awesome content with millions of their engaged followers. #paid is empowering influencers and legitimizing sponsored social sharing.