A small group of committed individuals dedicated to increasing collective happiness by making tools that empower communities to set and achieve goals.

Elevator Pitch

SoapBox is a powerful tool that is designed to be easy to use. Ease of use translates to strong adoption with employees, which is critical to the success of an employee idea program.

SoapBox is a common place for your community to take ideas and turn them into action in an easy to use, transparent way. SoapBox allows a community to suggest and prioritize ideas and then get them directly into the hands of key decision makers. Decision makers spend less time figuring out what their community wants so they have more time to actually make change.

SoapBox was originally envisioned by Brennan McEachran, who as a student at Ryerson University wanted to create a way to make his school a better place by aggregating the input of his fellow students.

SoapBox allows community leaders to aggregate member opinion online. It can be used for both public and private communities and functions across multiple platforms including websites. Users add ideas that are automatically tagged, categorized and merged to avoid clutter.
Milestones Graduated March 2014
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