A small group of committed individuals dedicated to increasing collective happiness by making tools that empower communities to set and achieve goals.

Elevator Pitch

SoapBox is the first engagement platform not built for HR.

Did you know 70% of your employee engagement score comes from your employee’s direct manager, not HR.

As an app and assistant built for managers to better engage their teams, SoapBox is re-thinking what engagement platforms look like at businesses across North America.

Specifically, SoapBox help managers have better one-on-ones, team meetings, project retros, town-halls and many other employee engagement activities that managers do every day.

Living in the tools managers already use (slack, google, microsoft), SoapBox enables them to develop the habits of awesome people leaders: create agendas in advance, share quality feedback, follow-up on next steps. It’s not rocket science, it just slips through the cracks. SoapBox makes this a lightweight, fun part of the day.

SoapBox was originally envisioned by Brennan McEachran who, as a student at Ryerson University, wanted to create a way to make his school a better place by organizing the feedback of his peers.

Quickly, SoapBox grew into a business which helps companies organize feedback of their employees. Finally in 2018 evolving to a full suite of tools for managers, employees, and leadership teams to use to improve how feedback flows at organizations. SoapBox is a central place where people can manage one-on-one meetings, team meetings and collect employee ideas and feedback on topics that matter most to businesses.

Milestones Graduated March 2014
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