Black Innovation Programs

Empowering the next wave of Black entrepreneurs

Fast Track

One-on-one support to get your startup ready for the Incubator

The Fast Track is a 3-month bridging program that puts high-potential women founders on the fast track to success and prepares them for our Incubator. This programming is customized to each founder’s unique needs.

What you get

Who it's for

Self-identifying women tech founders with a solid product who are heads down validating their startup idea and ready to lock in their first sales.

How to apply

This program is intended for founders who are looking to get into the DMZ Incubator. Please apply for the Incubator and indicate you are a woman founder when applying. Based on your application, we will place you in the program that’s best for you!

Your journey

Join the Women Founders Fast Track.
Benefit from 1:1 EiR support, dedicated DMZ staff from the Women Founders team, and a strong peer group of women founders.
Refine your business model.
Test your go-to-market strategy and revenue models, and secure your first customers.
Build your network.
Grow relationships with the right people: funders, customers, potential partners and other important stakeholders.
Get ready for the DMZ incubator.
Become a venture-backable startup and get an expedited application to our ultimate program: the DMZ incubator.
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