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    Are we celebrating Canadian entrepreneurs?

    If asked to name a famous Canadian hockey player, the names Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby may come up. If asked to name a well-known Canadian entrepreneur, it may take a bit longer to think of someone. But why is that? My next piece in the Huffington Post delves into a survey conducted by Ipsos […]If

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    Swift health care is at the heart of this Toronto company’s plans

    Traditionally, doctors, nurses and health-care professionals working in wound care management have been forced to manually study and describe patients’ wounds. This process is complicated by the fact that the wound itself can change rapidly and quick response and treatment is crucial to effective healing. As such, it is difficult for patients to get the […]

    tutlo DMZ blog photo

    From Europe to the DMZ: How three entrepreneurs made the most out of their summer in Toronto

    Picture above (from left) are Danielle Smith, Community Engagement Lead at the DMZ, Damian Strzelczyk of Tutlo and Shane Flynn, Startup Services Lead at the DMZ. In six years, the DMZ has given over 25 entrepreneurs from around the world an opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the Toronto startup community. This past summer, three entrepreneurs […]

    startup culture DMZ blog photo

    Toronto’s startup culture- a moment of truth

    Sultan Mehrabi, Co-founder of Zensurance, and I sat down to co-author a piece on startup culture and what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset.  Startup culture has received a lot of attention lately. As a certain type of culture has pervaded the public’s perception of the global startup community, it gives us the opportunity […]

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