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    How to actually sell your product or service in four steps

    This post was written by Jalil Asaria. Jalil is a sales executive at Roadmunk, a DMZ-based startup. Running a young, unproven, early-stage company brings with it many challenges. But so many of those challenges are appeased if you have true validation from the market. They say sales cures all, and frankly, it does. Revenue — or […]This


    So you want to expand to Canada, eh?

    Your technology startup is a homegrown success and you’re contemplating global market expansion. You’ve heard that Canada is home to 35 million people who are friendly, polite and avid consumers of technology. But is Canada the right market for you? How will you break in? There are hundreds of things to consider before deciding to […]Your


    Startup advice from the finalists of SheEO’s Radical Generosity Initiative

      This post was written for the DMZ by Divya Pahwa of SheEO. Earlier this fall, SheEO’s Radical Generosity Initiative made a call for Canadian, women-led ventures with at least $50,000 in annual revenue to apply for the opportunity to decide how to split $1 million in funding. The fund is being created by a thousand women […]


    South African entrepreneurs find inspiration and guidance during working visit at the DMZ

    The DMZ has hosted entrepreneurs from countries as far-flung as Israel, China, India, and Brazil. This year, we’ve been lucky to host two groups of young South African entrepreneurs for working visits, as they develop their companies and explore the Canadian market. The second group touched down in Toronto in September and will be here until mid-December. […]The

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