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    City of Toronto launches StartUpHERE, online hub for local startup and innovation community

    Toronto is an ideal place to grow your business from. At the DMZ, we know this well. Toronto is: home to the second-largest IT cluster and financial centre in North America the most multicultural city in the world a 90-minute flight (or less) to other major business hubs like Chicago and New York a comparatively […]


    February 2016: A note from Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director

    It’s hard to believe the first month of 2016 has already passed. Witnessing the renewed energy of the DMZ’s entrepreneurs has been inspiring and extremely contagious. Returning to work after a short break (or in the case of some of our entrepreneurs, no break) allows them and us to recalibrate our vision, mission and purpose.  […]It’s

    December 7, 2015

    Disrupting the failure in accessibility

    Looking for an industry that’s ripe for disruption? Try accessibility; or rather, the lack thereof. It’s 2016 and things have come a long way, but Canadians with disabilities still face a shockingly difficult time entering schools, transit and places of businesses, as well as accessing technology, public services and equal employment. Since the provincial government […]


    Five essential PR tips for early-stage startups

    Most early-stage startups get public relations all wrong. They assume their business is newsworthy, that journalists will be excited to speak to them and that getting press coverage is as simple as asking for it. Wrong. With the right strategy, PR can be hugely positive for a startup; positive press coverage can raise awareness, attract […]Most

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