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    April 2016: A note from Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director

    This month marks the DMZ’s sixth anniversary. As we enter year six, we take a look back at year five. The last 12 months have been full of excitement, successes, failures and most importantly, lessons. We are really excited to celebrate our birthday on April 28 with those who helped us accomplish what we did in […]This


    Happy sixth birthday, DMZ!

    When the DMZ opened in April 2010 — then called the Digital Media Zone — it was comprised of a handful of desks and office space on one floor at 10 Dundas Street East. It was populated mostly by students, working on the inklings of ideas. No one knew what the future held for the […]When


    Apply for the Next Big Idea in FinTech program!

    The world of money has been relatively untouched by the advances of technology. But technology has the potential to transform the financial industry. Advanced analytics, mobile solutions, wearables and cloud-based platforms can provide consumers, companies and banks new and cutting-edge opportunities for saving, spending and strategizing. That’s why the DMZ has partnered with BMO to discover […]The

    Black and white video. Valerie Fox (tall, slim woman with long dark wavy hair and glasses) speaks with a young man (short, fair hair, facing away from the camera).

    How to network (even if you’re a stranger-fearing introvert)

    Networking, for many people, is a nightmare. Talking to strangers can feel uncomfortable and handing over your business card can feel awkward. And if you’re shy or introverted, it’s enough to make you cry on the inside. But networking is important for landing clients/investors/jobs/friends/etcetera. For entrepreneurs, it’s an essential part of building a business. Here are 13 tips on […]

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