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    Five things a VC wants you to know about network effects

    As your startup is growing, you’ll likely be seeking venture capital. This is why the DMZ recently jump started its monthly investor series, Capital Catalyst, to help entrepreneurs maneuver through the current fundraising environment. Our first official session was on network effects. Often underutilized or not carefully executed, network effects are a key component in […]As

    GEW Huffington Post blog post

    Innovation in education: Why Canada needs it now more than ever

    Global Entrepreneurship Week is the largest celebration of innovators and job creators, aiming to raise global awareness about the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. From small towns to big cities, entrepreneurs all over the world are creating an economic and social impact that continues to improve the livelihood of millions. How so? Small street vendors […]


    The four pillars to make sure your startup stays on track

    Dave Chalmers, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the DMZ, helps startups with growth, operations and strategy. Building a tech company is a pressure filled experience that requires founders and their employees to have a great work ethic, be multi-talented and open to change, all while executing against sound business fundamentals. Often founders look to the billion dollar […]Dave

    East coast blog photo

    Committing to coast-to-coast innovation

    Canada is charting a forward-thinking path; a path that fuels innovation and opens new opportunities for economic growth. And as we continue to grow, our prosperity depends on the progress of not just a couple cities, but every city and town coast-to-coast. This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to the east coast’s […]

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